The challenge, successfully completed by Gm Living Project consisted in preparing and furnishing a three-storey office building in Sampaka – Malabo.

After the reformation of the building, we installed reception desks, filing cabinet and even TV units, custom-made by our carpenters. We also installed lighting and vertical panels .

There were some difficulties in the conference room, which was uncommon for a project like this. We highlighted entrance of the building with glass and steel, and did the same to those of the management offices.

Arriba: Management office, front view.
Abajo: Management office, rear view.
Meeting room, secondary office and main office. Projects consisting of ten administrative offices and a management office with walnut veneer wood paneling and velvet draperies, wallpaper and bathroom, as well as paintings, furniture, TV and minibar. They have been decorated and furnished for middle management to match the offices of senior management.

A workplace isn’t often thought of as a comfortable, pleasant place with soul: that’s what we create here at GM LIVING PROYECTO.


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